What We Accept

  • Do Send Us YAY!

  • Clothing in new to like-new condition
    items should be in pristine condition. Learn more about our high Quality Standards here.
  • Clothing that's freshly laundered
    clothing should look and smell clean. Please wash and fully dry all clothing before placing it in the bag. Clothing that is still moist does not travel well in a sealed plastic bag
  • Top brands
    such as Tea Collection, Gap, Gymboree, and Hanna Andersson for kids. For women's clothing we love J Crew, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Theory, and Tommy Hilfiger
  • NWT (new with tags) items
    we pay more for items that are so new that they still include price tags - however, we do not guarantee we accept all NWT tag items, as they must still meet our standards and be free of imperfections
  • Outfits
    help us identify items meant to go together by clipping them together or putting them in a smaller bag within the thredUP bag
  • Clothing related accessories
    like hats, mittens, and scarves
  • Shoes
    in addition to checking the top surface and interior of footwear, please be sure to check the soles to ensure they are clean and free of scuff marks
  • On-trend items
    items that are on-trend and have been sold in the last few years. Think of items a friend would be happy to wear
  • Do not send NOO!

  • Clothing that shows any signs of wear
    any clothing with rips, tears, stains, pilling, fading, shrinkage, etc., cannot be accepted
  • Clothing from discount brands
    Athletics Works, Garaminals, George, Faded Glory, Kids Connection, Koala Kids, Sonoma and Walmart are a few examples of more than 800 we do not accept. See a list of some unacceptable brands here in our FAQs. If you are unsure if we will accept a brand, please use our calculator below to verify.
  • Infant clothing sized under 12 months or kids shoes sized under 4½
    clothing sizes 12 months and 12-18 months will be accepted, as well as size 4½ shoes
  • Men's clothing
  • Non-clothing items
    like toys, books, purses, jewelry and gear
  • Sleepwear, socks and undergarments
  • Specialty items
    like real fur items, prom dresses, bridesmaids dresses, wedding dresses. However, we do take cocktail dresses
  • Items missing labels
    brand and size need to be identifiable
  • Homemade/altered items
    especially any kids' clothing or women's dresses (women's jeans are ok)
  • Local or niche clothing
    hometown teams and places that do not have a broad national audience
  • Items considered offensive
    items will not be accepted if they contain language or content that are deemed inappropriate for a family-friendly audience
  • Items deemed to be counterfeit
    clothing must be manufactured by the brand represented on the item
  • Items obtained illegally
    we do NOT accept illegally obtained goods, or any goods we believe may have been obtained illegally

Please note that due to the cost of shipping and processing, items not accepted cannot be returned to you unless you opt into our Return Assurance program. Learn More

How much are people earning?

Everyday, hundreds of bags arrive at our Distribution Center where they are carefully reviewed by our team of quality specialists.

Items Bag # Date Bag Received from Amount

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Clean Out Calculator

Women & Juniors
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  • Tops
  • Sweaters & Sweatshirts
  • Dresses
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  • Jackets & Outerwear
  • Suits
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  • Shoes
  • J. Crew Factory Store
Estimated Payout
$0.45 - $9.19
Estimated Payout (sizes 12mo - 2T)
$ -- - $ --
Estimated Payout (sizes 3 - 5)
$ -- - $ --
Estimated Payout (sizes 6 - 20)
$ -- - $ --
Estimated Payout (all sizes)
$ -- - $ --
Unfortunately we can't accept this item. Please don't include it in your bag.
We may accept this item if it's flawless and in season, but the payout will be low. Give it to a friend instead!
This item would be great in our shop! Please send it in your Clean Out bag.
We LOVE this item! Please send it to us and more items like it.
Your payout percentage per item is calculated based on our estimated sales price for each item.
Your payout percentage ---------------------------------
thredUP Sales Price ---------------------------------------
$0.00 - $9.49
$9.99 - $14.49
$14.99 - $19.49
$19.99 & up

Common Questions

How do I clean out with thredUP?
We understand that a large portion of closets are filled with great clothing that just doesn't get worn anymore. Whether this is because your kids have outgrown them, you've moved past your purple phase or you just never really were a fan of that sweater gifted to you from a well-meaning relative, many of these items are still in like-new condition and deserve a second chance. That's where thredUP comes in. thredUP is the easiest way to convert clothing into cash. Just order a bag through our site, fill it with gently used children's, junior's or women's clothing that's still in great condition and return it for free via USPS or Fedex (you can even leave it right outside your door for your postman to pick up!). thredUP processes your high quality items and resells them through our marketplace. We give your clothes a second chance and put money in your pocket! Please note that currently we can only provide the Clean Out service to customers living within the 48 contiguous U.S. states and D.C. We hope to expand the program in the future.
How much does it cost to use the service?
Cleaning out with thredUP is 100% free!
What bags do I use to send my items in?
We'll send you a shipping bag! The bag will have our address on it along with a pre-paid shipping label. All you have to do is fill the bag, and either bring it to a Fedex store, drop it off at the post office, or just leave it outside for your postal carrier to bring to us. We'll take care of everything else.
What can I send?
All clothing must meet our acceptance criteria, so please take the time to read our What We Accept page to learn more about brand, category, size and quality requirements. Clothing must be like-new, and all items are carefully reviewed by our team of resale experts. We only pay for items we can accept, and items not accepted cannot be returned. No infant clothing under size 12 months or Men's clothing, please.
What's the deal with the envelope the bag comes in?
Please read the envelope and follow the directions written on it. It is essential that you include the envelope with the clothing you send in. Just place it inside the bag before sealing it shut, as we cannot determine whose bag has arrived based on the Fedex tracking number and will not be able to award credit for bags that come to us without this envelope. Please include it in your bag!
How long does it take for you to process my bag?
Please note that it can take 1-2 weeks to receive your bag from Fedex. Once we receive it, we'll send you a confirmation email so that you know that we got it. Then, it typically takes an additional 5-10 business days to review your items. Upon review, we'll send you another email, and your cashback can immediately be applied towards purchases in our Shop. After 14 days, you can also cash out via PayPal or contribute your payout to a Group.
How does thredUP identify how much my bag is worth?
Bags must be returned stuffed, all items in outstanding condition, and meet our acceptance criteria. Bags will be awarded based on quantity and quality, and adherence to our standards. We do not guarantee any minimum award. Just like any high-end consignment store, our professional buyers carefully evaluate each item and determine its quality and our ability to resell it. If the item is judged to be premium i.e., in high demand or of a high quality brand, we will pay you more, just like any other reseller would do. A bag packed with Gymboree, Gap and Tea Collection will be worth more. A bag packed with lower end items will be worth less.
Can I request my items be sent back to me?
Once you send in a bag, any items we accept get listed in our Shop and cannot be returned. Generally, we do not return any items we cannot accept unless you opt into the Return Assurance program prior to your bag arriving in our Distribution and Processing Center. Under the Return Assurance program, we will return items that we do not accept (unless the entire bag cannot be accepted) for a fee of $9.99.

Learn more about Return Assurance here.
How do I cash out and get my cash?
For the first 14 days, any earned payout can be applied towards purchases from our Shop. Your credits will appear at Checkout. After 14 days, you have two additional options: (1) Cash out via PayPal: from My Bag History, click on the Cash Out link under your Cashout Balance. On the Cash Out Request page, just enter the amount you'd like to cash out and the email address associated with your PayPal account. The money will go straight to your PayPal account, minus any fees PayPal charges for the transaction. (2) Contribute your money to a Group: from My Bag History, click on the Contribute link under your Cashout Balance. Select the Group you'd like to contribute to in the pull-down menu and enter the amount you'd like to give. (Note that you will already need to be a member of a Group in order to see options in the pull-down menu.) Once you click the Contribute button, your funds will immediately be transferred to the designated Group.
I just received my bag payout. Why didn't you accept all the items I sent you?
Because we resell these items to other families who count on us to thoroughly quality check all the items we post in our Shop, we must screen out any items that show any signs of wear. Our team is specially trained to spot rips, tears, stains, shrinkage, fading and other signs of wear. You can maximize the number of items accepted by carefully inspecting your items and laundering them prior to sending them in. Also, please read our acceptance criteria to learn about sizes, brands, and clothing categories that we cannot accept.
What happens to the clothing thredUP doesn't use?
Every item that thredUP cannot resell is entered into our 100% Re-Use Program, a partnership with national textile distributors and recyclers to ensure that every item is re-used and doesn't end up in a landfill. We may receive a nominal amount for these items to help offset a portion of the shipping costs we incur when customers send us their bags. In addition, a portion of this money is contributed to Teach for America. We continue to look for new opportunities to repurpose and reuse unacceptable items, so that they are either donated or recycled appropriately.
Still have questions? Visit our complete FAQ